12 High-paying Skills Make Me 5-figures/month On Twitter

I made $15,000+ last month on Twitter.

Here are 12 High-paying skills that make me a 5-figure solo business:

1. Copywriting:

Copywriting has changed my life.

Learn it to understand the psychology of people and how to get their attention.

Because Attention is money.

With killer copy skills, you can sell products, services, or even yourself.

And it’s always a scalable business.

2. Marketing Psychology:

Understanding how people’s minds tick is a game-changer.

I delved into the world of marketing psychology to tap into their desires, fears, and motives.

With this skill, I create targeted content that boosts engagement, trust, and sales.

3. Sales:

Knowing how to sell is the backbone of any business.

Do master the art of persuasion and the art of closing deals.

I craft irresistible offers to overcome objections.

And the ability to sell turned my followers into paying customers. With no calls and no bs.

4. Offer Creation:

Creating irresistible offers is like sprinkling gold dust on your business.

I learned how to develop unique and valuable products or services that my audience couldn’t resist.

Solve their problems, understand them, and show them results they can’t help but buy.

5. Storyselling:

Storyselling is my secret weapon.

Every time I create a story around my brand, products, or services, that captured my audience’s attention and makes them buy.

And it helped me forge deeper with my people, leading to increased sales and brand loyalty.

6. Graphic Designing:

Honestly, I use Free Canva.

And Pixellab mobile app.

I create stunning yet simple visuals that capture attention and enhanced my brand’s image.

Also, I’m learning Display ad designing for ad copy to give extra value to my clients.

7. Writing:

Words are weapons, you know.

I’m sharpening my writing skills to create compelling content.

Writing every single day on Twitter for 5 months changed my life and made me a 1% better writer.

– 3-4 Tweets/ day

– 2 threads/ week

– 10-20 comments/day

– 1 Newsletter/week

8. Audience Building:

A loyal and engaged audience is a goldmine.

Focusing on building a targeted and engaged following by delivering valuable content consistently.

It’ll expand your reach, boost brand exposure, and make a customer base to snatch your offers.

9. Consistency and Patience:

Rome wasn’t built in a day, you’ve heard right.

I learned the importance of consistency and patience in building a successful online business.

– Show up daily

– Expect nothing

– Helping mindset

– Give’em more value

Will give you long-term success.

10. Email Marketing:

They: Money is in the list.

Me: Of course!

I always embraced email marketing to build a direct line of communication with my audience.

I’m not a *high-level* email marketer, but I do:

– 1 newsletter/week

– Launch emails

– That’s it

11. Product Launching:

Launching new products or services is an adrenaline rush like no other.

I’m mastering the art of creating buzz, building anticipation, and executing successful product launches.

In the past 5 months on Twitter, I launched around 12 digital products.

12. Networking:

It’s not just what you know, that matters, but who you know.

Networking became a key component of my success on Twitter.

I’ve gained 1,000s of real friends here.

I connected with my fav creators and they followed my back.

And I say Thanks to all my friends.


  1. Copywriting
  2. Marketing Psychology
  3. Sales
  4. Offer Creation
  5. Storyselling
  6. Graphic Designing
  7. Writing
  8. Audience building
  9. Consistency and patience
  10. Email Marketing
  11. Product launching
  12. Networking.

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